Woman On Top

As a pregnant woman, when you’re feeling sexy and energetic, and you want to be in control of the pace of sex and the depth of penetration, there’s only one place to be – on top!

Have a look at the following pictures and see how you can vary the thrills and spills of pregnant lovemaking.

And remember, sex during this important time of your life doesn’t have to involve thrusting deep or fast.  The woman can place her hands on her partner’s chest and rock gently back and forth – or she can move hips round in a circle.  But there’s always the conventional option – she can ride her man until both she and he get the ultimate orgasmic pleasure!  Try them all out to discover what rocks your boat the best…..

All variations of the woman on top position are excellent for slow, intimate sex.  It’s important that the man pays attention to her nipples with kisses and caresses, taking care to touch them gently if they happen to be sensitive!

Men always love woman on top , and it’s especially good for pregnancy.  The man lies flat on his back on the bed, perhaps with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed.  His partner mounts him – she can face either towards or away from him,  and then lean forwards or backwards as she chooses.  She can rest her arms on his knees or thighs – whatever gives her the best angle.  She may need to angle her partner’s penis downwards slightly to allow him to enter her easily…..then she can rock back and forth or circle her hips, or ride him…..it’s orgasmic bliss for both partners!

All woman on top sex is fun, because it gives plenty of the feel-good factor for both partners.  The woman can get herself as comfortable as possible and then control the pace of lovemaking.  And, always a plus for the man – it makes the woman’s bottom look amazingly sexy!

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