The Best Sex Positions During Your Pregnancy

If you think there is just one position to enjoy while you’re pregnant, think again!

The only rule about sex positions during pregnancy is that there are no rules: what you do depends only on what you want to do……and all you need is a willingness to try new things if your familiar sex positions aren’t working for you while you’re pregnant. To that end, what you need to think about are some simple guidelines.

Make sure that you’re both physically comfortable, because the added weight and bump on the woman’s abdomen during pregnancy can make it difficult to enjoy man on top sex, for example. All you need to do is find the sex positions which please the woman and please the man; on this website we have pages of photographs that illustrate exactly what you can do with a bit of creativity and imagination while you’re pregnant.

The best sex positions for pregnancy are generally thought to be as follows.

First of all, the edge of the bed sex position is a rather good one because the woman can lie on her side or on her back on the edge of the bed while her partner stands between her legs, or on his knees between her legs if he’s giving her oral pleasure.

All you have to do is find a position in which you can manoeuvre so that your body is aligned to allow easy and comfortable penetration.

Best sex positions for pregnancy
Best sex positions for pregnancy

Bear in mind that it’s not necessarily great idea for woman to lie on her back for too long during pregnancy.

Spooning is very comfortable sex position because there’s no pressure on the woman’s abdomen, and the man can get easy entry into her vagina.

There is plenty of opportunity for lots of movement, and the man can orientate himself behind his partner in a way that makes penetration most comfortable for both when he enters his partner. If you try this, don’t lie on your right hand side.

Side-by-side facing each other is another popular sex position during pregnancy, but you have to keep your bodies apart to accommodate the bump. Even so, as long as you can meet at the genitals, that’s good be a very good position to enjoy great sex.

And lastly, the rear entry sex position is very good for G spot stimulation and because it’s a position that you probably don’t use that often, it can be fun, giving you a bit of novelty and extra stimulation in ways that you’re not necessarily accustomed to during your lovemaking.