The coital alignment technique

This is a sex position which has been developed to enable women to reach orgasm during intercourse. Most women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, and this is sadly lacking during intercourse in the majority of cases.

But it turns out that by adapting missionary position sex, it’s possible to make a woman climax quite easily, and a man who uses the coital alignment technique can generally bring his partner to orgasm.

Video about the CAT

Mind you, having said that is not actually a one-man band: the couple need to rock their pelvises in a certain way so that both the man and the woman have an opportunity to receive and give stimulation to the important area of the clitoris, which is responsible for bringing the woman off.

Reaching orgasm during intercourse in the coital alignment technique is actually not difficult if you practice the technique and become familiar with the intricacies of it. You can read about this particular style of lovemaking here.

In essence the man enters the woman then shifts his body upwards, so that his penis is moved into a different orientation.

This isn’t about stimulating the G spot, nor is it about stimulating the cervix through deep thrusting.

This is actually about stimulating the clitoral area by means of rhythmic movements between the partner’s bodies. These allow the man’s pubic bone to impact on the woman’s clitoral area repeatedly and rhythmically during lovemaking, so much so that she may actually reach orgasm.

It’s also helpful in restraining a man who is quick to ejaculate, because often quick ejaculation is caused by deep and fast thrusting.

In this situation, where thrusting is neither deep nor fast, it’s possible a man may experience greater ejaculatory control than he normally would.

Be that as it may,the coital alignment technique is a helpful position for all couples who want to explore the possibility of the woman reach orgasm during intercourse, although regrettably it may not be a suitable position for people who are pregnant, because of the requirement for the man to rest a lot of his weight on the woman’s body. As I said, you can read about the instructions for the  coital alignment technique on the link provided above.