Rear Entry

Rear entry – wow!  Sexy, exciting, and very good for pregnancy.

Why’s that? Well, for almost all men, and a lot more women than you might think, rear entry is the most exciting sex position (with or without a pregnant partner!).  It’s a sexual position that allows a woman to let her sexy nature shine forth, while her partner gets the real thrill of seeing her from behind as he enters her.

The best way to do it is to have the female partner get on her hands and knees and lean forward on her arms with her body raised as much as feels comfortable.  She can support her pregnant bump on pillows for extra comfort and support.  Her partner kneels, holds her around the waist and and enters slowly and deliciously from behind.

sex positions for pregnancy
sex positions for pregnancy

It’s a fact that rear entry (doggy-style, if you like) sex positions are very good for sex during pregnancy.  The thing is, even though the growing bump weighs more and more as the pregnancy proceeds, this position provides plenty of support and lets the woman spread the weight.

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