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Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Obviously man on top sex is one of the trickier sex positions when you’re pregnant (the bump gets in the way!).

And of course, you don’t want to squash the baby. It’s probably a good idea for the man to keep his weight off the baby as soon as the pregnancy starts to show, but happily you can easily adapt this position and still get just as much pleasure as before.

Here’s the key: you certainly don’t want to put pressure on the baby, so this sexual position needs adapting during pregnancy into something that’s comfortable for both of you.

In one great variation, the woman lies face up on the bed with her legs up in the air on her man’s shoulders.  The man kneels, holding onto his partner’s legs for leverage as he thrusts.  You can vary this by putting your legs in different positions and having the man lean forward or backward.  See how it works below.

These sex positions are great for a woman during pregnancy because they don’t take much energy.  When you’re tired,  you can enjoy the sex without much effort.  The man has complete control of the pace – she can just lie back and enjoy it all.  And – even better –  it takes the pressure off the woman’s feet and ankles.

sex positions for pregnancy
Sex positions for pregnancy

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