Edge Of The Bed Sex

To take the weight off that big bump, you need to have some support underneath it – as in rear entry positions with the bump resting on pillows – or you can try something quite different: edge of the bed sex positions.

Sex positions during preganancy
Sex positions during pregnancy

You can get into these positions by having the woman laying back, on the bed, with her bottom near the edge, and her feet firmly on the floor.

Her man enters her as he is  kneeling or standing between her legs.  And that’s good because she can easily move her legs closer together or further apart so as to alter the tension in her vagina to give the best sensations for both of them.

Lots of woman like this because all they have to do is lay back, relax and let the man do all the work!  Not that he’s likely to object about that, because this is a very pleasurable sex position for both partners during pregnancy.

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